100 or More Ways To Drop Your Bike

Have any of these ever happened to you? Do you have some more? Let me know I will add them here

Okay, I am starting to receive more ways to drop your bike. The original 101 ways will follow any submissions. Some of these new ones are hilarious!!!!

Here's another from me
When I was learning to ride, oh my I have tons of em. I bought this same bike in '97 (which I still ride today) that's on my home page, been around bikes, rode a little all my life, but this was my first "real bike". Got it off the truck, jumped on and full throttle into the ditch 100 feet away into a bank of trees out of the ditch, onto the road (didn't drop it that time........but) being stubborn, got on it again, took it to a bigger parking lot, while turning it, the poor baby was dropped, four more times. Finally gave it a break that day. A few days later gave it another shot, went out with a friend got stuck on a hill at a light with a slight curve and yep you guessed it down she went. Bottom line, I had to modify the bike for my small frame before I could keep the doggone bike up on two wheels, once I did, I stopped dropping it. There were a couple more times, but nothing horrible just embarassing. Some people wouldn't even ride with me anymore because they hated seeing that beautiful bike go down. I was determined to keep that bike up and I have for all these years except that first one!!!! Now send me those stories I know you've dropped those bikes..............

Rec'd 08/05
I wasn't here, but I heard about it numerous times later. My father-in-law and one of his buddies stopped at a stop light. My father-in-law revved his bike up acting like he wanted to race. His buddy thinks this is a great idea. Light turns green, buddy revs his engine and drops the clutch. Bike does a wheelie and puts front tire through the rear window of a hatch back sitting in front of them at the light. And they were sober for once.:)

Rec'd 09/04
I stayed longer and got drunker at the bar than I had originally intended to. On the way home, I figured if I could hit the bottom of the hill fast enough at the end of the drive, I would kill the ignition on my Wideglide and coast in. That way, the ol' lady wouldn't hear me, and she'd never know what time I got home. All went well until I rolled past the pickup and headed for the patio where I park next to my mobile home. With a misjudgement in speed, and not realizing the bike was still in gear, I let out on the clutch lever. At that point I lost any control of forward momentum and crashed into the deck. Came out of that one with only a few scratches, a dent in the left tank, and one ex-ol' lady.

Rec'd 04/04
A little more than 30 years ago I had a full dresser and had just put shorter shocks on it to lower it a bit but hadn't yet rebent the kickstand. It would stand ok but not much lean. I was at the DQ and had just gotten a milkshake and was leaning against the bike trying to look cool and drinking the shake while this chic inside was eyeing me. As I was summonning the nerve to ask her out - you guessed it - the bike started to fall (away from me). I grabbed the handlebar and the bike not only continued falling but pulled me over it and of course the shake was all over me and the bike. Redfaced I just picked it up and rode off. Never saw her again. P.
Rec'd 12/03
One more way....... Cruise down Main Street with a 'Semi 'approaching from opposite direction . Then have local "DRUNK" stumble out in front of you...... 20' of chain-link fence & bent mirror shaft only damage. P.S. Bros. got bike & me out of fence before COPS showed. :)
Rec'd 11/03
In the 70's, young & real drunk (I demanded my keys back from female friend that had taken them) went 1/2 mi. to red light, fell over, picked it up, fell over to other side, picked it up, fell over to other side (I only kinda remember) woke up at the ex's apt. In bad shape, but bike was worse off.

Rec'd 9/7/03
Well, how about being a short legged biker Chick and your husband Lifts the shocks on your bike without telling you. So now I get on, not even noticing and start Cruising down the road. I reach the red light and put my foot down on the right side to find nothing but air! The whole thing just tumbled down on top of me. And the worst part was when my husband pulled up next to me on his Triumph Chopper and Says "Oh, I forgot to tell you....." Lucky for me No one was hurt, but you'd better believe he needed more than a leather jacket to protect him from me!

Rec'd 8/6/03
I was on a poker run and stopped for gas. On the other side of the pump a old guy rolled up on a new K100 BMW, got off grabbed the pump turned around and watched his bike fall. He picked it up the night before and had less than 100 miles on it. Wel he started yelling about the new pice of !#%@*&%^ and one of his friends said that he need to put his kickstand down. He said no he didn't! "For 18 years I've been ridding my ol' Beemer with a sidecar and have never had to use a kickstand!" At the end of the pokerrun they gave him the "Hard luck" trophy where he had to tell all what he did. p.s. The bike didn't even get a scratch. But his face was red.
Rec'd 6/3/03
On a warm summer evening about 13 years ago, I decided to ride to the movie theater with some friends. As we pulled up in front of the theater, there was a long line waiting to enter the theater. We decided it would be cool to ride up in front of everyone and park, showing off the bikes. I stopped a little more suddenly than I had planned and quickly went to put my left foot down. You can imagine my surprise as my foot stayed on the peg and the bike slowly toppled over on its left side, pinning my leg beneath it. I quickly learned that my left shoe lace had become entangled in the gear shift lever (never ride with sneakers). After my friends stopped laughing they came and helped pull the bike off my leg. The only thing hurt (besides my leg) was my pride.
Rec'd 9/23/02
My 18 year old son called me one morning all bummed out and said "Mom? I dumped my bike." shaken, I asked all the motherly questions.."are you alright?" etc. When I asked what happened he recounted the story with humiliation....hehehe. He normally keeps his harley in the garage and therefore doesn't worry about its safety. However the night before he stayed with a friend in an unfamiliar neighborhood. The friend didnt have a garage...so my son locked the forks on the bike. The next morning....in a hurry to get to work..he jumps on the bike to head out. Not being used to locking up the forks he spaces it out..makes the first left turn ok but when he tried to straighten it out...it just kept going left! It was only then that he remembered locking the forks. He knew it was going down and there wasnt no stoppin it..so he put his arm up to protect the side of his face....rolled off and let the bike go. He summersaulted out of his fall as he watched his bike sail down the street on its side. Fortunately it didnt hit anyone or any parked cars on the street. My son was fine and the bike suprisingly only sustained very minimal damage. The only thing that really got hurt bad was his pride.
Little Hurricane
Rec'd 8/28/02
I keep my bike in my bedroom, so I have a ramp at my bedroom door to get my bike in and out. Well one day as I was backing my bike out, I get out the door, down the ramp and stopped the bike, put my feet down,only there is no ground under my left foot ( thanks to the hole my dog dug) so down goes the bike. I was ok until I tried to pick the bike up. I tried for 30 minutes with no luck, so I called my boyfriend (and of course all running partner's are at his house) and he had to run to my house to pick my bike up off the ground. That I couldn't pick the bike up and had to call him hurt my pride more then dropping the bike. Now his friends tease me about it and tell me they are buying me training wheels!.
Rarbreed (lady rider LOL)
Rec'd 6/29/02
My contribution... sad but true... I just started riding again after 20 years. I bought a 1980 Sportster XLH from a friend and started learning the ropes again. I got my curves down pretty good, low speed handling is coming along, re-starting this beast after it stalls at an intersection, too. While riding with two friends, one on a Wide Glide, the other on a Tour Glide, we decide to stop to get something to eat. This is a known Harley hangout and they have great food and ice cold beer. I limit myself to 1 beer because I am riding my bike. Of course, there are 3 or 4 more bikes out front so we are being cool and pull in, back up to the front and go in. After eating and everyone checking out each others bike, we get ready to leave. One friend is going home and me and the other guy are going across the road, a major highway, to a store over there. All of the riders are out front because we were just looking at bikes and talking. My partner takes off before I had my helmet strapped... so being the dummy, I hurried to catch up instead of letting him go. I juice it in first gear down smooth concrete toward the highway and when I look left (I am turning left), there are about 15,000 cars at high speed headed toward where I want to go. I react by grabbing the front brake lever, which is all I can do because dummy me is still dragging his feet and can't get to the back brake! Front brake locks on smooth cement, momentum is to the right and the turn to the left... OOPS. Only hurt my pride... One of the older guys told me the secret then: If they run away, let 'em go. You can catch up later. You gotta be safe first.
Don G.
Rec'd 7/28/01
Successfully compression starting your bike, only to find out the reason it didn't start was the throttle was stuck wide open. I've done worse!
Rec'd 7/7/01
I had come home from a short ride with my wife and parked my bike in the front yard and was talking to my wife when i heard my 4yr old say moto tickle fall mototickle fall. I looked and it was on its side spilling gas.
Rec'd 06/18/00
Riding home one evening on my bike and a cop came up behind me and motioned for me to stop (couldn't think of anything I did wrong). When the cop stepped off his bike,I swear he got 1 or 2 steps away from it before it fell. He turned back ,stood there just looking at it then said "?????, THEY TOOK THE SIDECAR OFF YESTERDAY ". Trying not to laugh I helped him pick it back up. I still don't know why he pulled me over in the first place. that was about 7 years ago & I'm still laughing.
Watched a guy take a corner on a sparkling clean sport bike then go down on his side. After checking to see that he was alright & a quick look at the bike I told him not to put ARMORALL (cleaner) on his tires. He asked me why not and I said look at your bike & you tell me.
Road King
Rec'd 06/18/00
I have one for ya on a hot summer night spend about three hours putting on a brand new rear tire(with the silicon release still on the tire) and then jump on it and nail it as your turning the corner damn I still have the headache and road rash from that one....lol.
Rec'd 3/3,2001
My ol' man and I were at a Brotherhood of Bikers party in Texas and after a night of partying and a bad cup of cowboy coffee decided to head up to join the events. Hubby forgot that he'd put a chain around the front tire for security. Being that it was an old Shovelhead and the 15 minutes of kicking to get it started should have given us time to notice the chain, but no! The wheel made one rotation and we both flew over the top of the bike into the tents. The crowd around us said we fell gracefully so we felt better about the whole thing!
Rec'd 12/21/00
I had trouble starting the bike when it was cold so we were trying to pull start with a car and tow strap. The tow strap got slack in it, wrapped around the front tire, locked it up, down I went and the car proceeded to pull me on the ground for about 10 feet. Not much damage but pretty embarassing.
Rec'd 10/31/00
I was 35, I had not had a bike since I was 16. It was about time, so I bought an old bike to practice on and get my licence. One day I was out on the back roads, and came to about a hundred feet of mud, I figured, 'what the heck!' So I went though, almost. About 3/4 of the way, the mud got stuck under my front fender and stopped the wheel cold! Well the bike went one way and I jumped the other like a cowboy! haha. And to get the bike out of that mud I had to bounce on the seat like a jack rabbit! lol No damage done except to my ego. Lesson learned? sure, remove fender before entering mud lol!

ravenmoonheart - all the way from Germany

Rec'd 6/27/00
The scoot I now own I bought from a friend of mine. The day he bought it we stopped by the local biker bar so he could show it off. Well naturely everyone was outside the bar oooing and ahhhing the brand new FXST with 61 miles on it. My friend was profilin'by standing next to it. someone said 'lets hear how it sounds' So he hit the starter button, forgot that it was in gear , it started, took off wobbling out into the middle of the street, and fell over. (still running) he ran over and tried too pick it up, the rear wheel caught on the ground and took off again. (only about 5' this time) then it died. To this day the road rash is still on the primary covers.


Rec'd 2/10/00
Just bought my bike, all the neighborhood kids were admiring the bike on the grass. My boys were taking pictures of me. I forgot the kickstand was up and I got off the bike and it fell in front of everyone. Everyone help me to pick it up.

Mark & Joan

Rec'd 12/99
Party all afternoon, ride to the neighbors house, party until 2 am, add two drunk broads and a 5th of jack to the back of your softail. Now, take the long way home through the subdivision after drinking a 5th yourself. Roadrash and scratch pipes everywhere, OUCH! Now to add insult to injury, pick your bike up only to drop it to the other side. Now run to the other side, pick up the bike and scramble to get on and drive away before the cops arrive but the bike won't start. Well, we made it and didn't even spill any jack...Lesson learned; DON'T BE STUPID.

Ken & JoAnn

One from me
Just riding around in Sturgis my first year, minding my own business and concentrating real hard on all the turns, bikes and road hazards (all new to me), doing real good, didn't drop it once.... until I pulled in the parking lot at the rest stop at the foot of Devil's Tower. Forgot to put those feet down and in slow motion just kinda layed it over on it's side. The bike was okay, but I was more embarrased than anything.


Rec'd 12/99
While tring to ride your bike onto a trailer, in front of the world at a Harley swap meet. Getting half way up the loading ramp, chicken out, then try to put your feet down and you can no longer touch the ground! OUCH!


Rec'd 8/99
After wheeling my bike out of the basement, I started to ridearound from around the house. But while moving slowly and just prior tolifting my feet off the ground, my right foot/boot got caught in the dog leash. So, I wound up doing the "splits" under power for a half second andwith no support on the right, I went down. I swear I heard the dog laugh his ass off. Only harm to the bike was a broken right, rear lens as I landed in soft grass (lucky me). But I sure felt stupid... Brand new bike with less than 100 miles on it.

submitted by Larry--The "Weester"'99 HD 1200 XLC, Very red, very black...

101 Ways

1. Putting your foot into a hole when stopping.

2. Putting your foot down on something slippery when stopping (gravel, dog dookey, etc).

3. Locking the front wheel during over enthusiastic braking.

4. Missing the driveway and sliding on the grass.

5. Not putting the kickstand down when getting off.

6. Make a turn from stop in gravel or sand at high throttle.

7. Not putting a board under the kickstand on asphalt on a hot day.

8. Letting over enthusiastic people sit on your bike who have never been on a bike.

9. Forgetting the bike's in gear when you jump on the kickstarter.

10. Revving the engine, releasing clutch, and putting feet on pegs when the light turns green, but the bike's in neutral.

11. Not putting your foot down when stopping on red light.

12. Losing balance when putting it on the centerstand.

13. Take an hour ride in 30 degree weather with no gloves, stop at a stop sign and pop the clutch when you start cause you've lost feeling in your hands.

14. Putting your foot down at a toll booth on the thick layer of grease that builds up when cars stop.

15. Using too much power when you pull out of a greasy toll booth.

16. Ignoring the sand that builds up in the spring at the side of the road in places that sand and salt roads in winter.

17. Kicking your kickstand in a cool fashion and having it bounce back up instead of staying down.

18. Getting off your bike while it is running and forgetting that is in gear.

19. Trying to kickstart your first bike over and over 'cause you didn't realize that it was really out of fuel, and getting the goofy metal ring on the side of your boot caught in the kickstarter, causing you (and the bike) to go over on the right side.

20. Starting your brand-new electric-start trail-bike, riding around an ornamental shrub on full left lock, throwing it to the right and accelerating to wheelie over the curb onto the street and then discovering that you hadn't unlocked the steering-lock...

21. On same bike, getting the dual-range lever caught inside your jeans as you come to a stop...

22. Having your boot/jeans catch the gear-lever and putting your running bike into first gear while reaching for the side-stand (which is why I now automatically pull in the clutch whenever deploying or retracting the stand).

23. Having "green" racing linings which have much higher coefficient of friction on the slight rust that forms on the polished drum when you've not ridden for a few hours, and lose the front-end holding the brakes on against the throttle to wear off the rust, with your brother on the back...

24. Having a three-cylinder two-stroke that's so smooth you think you're in second when you're actually in first, so you spin out when the undercarriage touches down in a tight corner passing a car and you think, "just a bit more throttle will help here..."

25. Revving bike in impressive fashion at red light, thinking it's in neutral; dropping clutch and standing in place while bike wheelies and backflips into intersection.

26. Having your fat brother lean way over to the side to look at something on the ground while at a stop sign.

27. Wife gets foot caught in saddlebag while getting on before you.

28. Rebuild carbs and treat bike like it still needs full gas away from a stop.

29. Add bald tires, and a smattering of rain to 28.

30. Look at the sand at the edge of the exit ramp rather than through the turn.

31. Not putting the pin that holds the center stand all the way in and then trying to put the bike on the center stand.

32. Trying to hold the bike upright before deploying the center stand only to find your knees are too weak from riding.

33. Park behind friend's mom's minivan figuring "If anybody goes anywhere, they'll surely see it," especially since there'll be 5 of them getting into the van. Why can't at LEAST ONE OF THEM LOOK AND SEE THE MOTORCYCLE SO PLAINLY IN VIEW BEHIND THEM?" "Damn."

34. After getting fuel at gas station and holding the bike level with your legs in order to fill it completely, jumping off forgetting that your legs were holding it upright not the kickstand.

35. Entering a DR ("decreasing radius") turn at too high of a speed... This is especially dangerous when making a right turn where if you attempt to straighten up and brake, you'll plow into oncoming traffic...

36. Trying to countersteer (or wheelie) your shaft driven bike?

37. Getting your boot/shoelace caught on the gearshift.

38. Attempting to kick start a cantankerous '84 CR500, hile standing on a picnic table bench, and she *kicks* back!

39. Getting pissed off for dropping it in the first place, yanking it vigorously off the ground, only to have it dropped on the other side.

40. Pulling out the swingarm stand, and forgetting to put the sidestand down first.

41. Backing down an inclined driveway, turning to either side with a full tank of gas.

42. Taking the bike off the centerstand and forgetting the sidestand.

43. Riding on wet grass with street tires (almost as bad as ice!!)

44. Riding on wet asphalt with dirt tires (almost as bad as ice!!)

45. *Thinking* the kick stand was down when it wasn't.

46. Kick stand slowly burying itself in hot asphalt.

47. Kick stand slowly burying itself in soft ground.

48. Backing up perpendicular to a steeply sloped driveway and attempting to put your foot down on the downhill side while on a large bike with a high seat. (By the time your foot reaches the ground the bike is so far off center balance you won't be able to hold it up.)

49. Backing your bike down a plank, by yourself, from the bed of a pickup truck. Works great as long as you remember that once you start moving stopping for any correction is out of the question. Get two people to stand on each side of you and the bike.

50. Losing your balance when coming to a stop because of fatigue from a long trip. The wind and the buzz of the bike induces an unexpected case of vertigo. Stop often and rest.

51. Riding beyond your limits while trying to keep up with someone who is probably riding beyond their own. Always a temptation. The best riders/racers understand and use discipline when riding.

52. Not paying attention. Always strive to anticipate what could possibly go wrong and be planning what your going to do when it happens, eventually it will - and you'll be ready, instead of surprised when your much more likely to do something stupid and reactionary.

53. Assuming that all wet roads are created equal. They are much more slippery when it first starts to rain - until the oil and dirt are washed away.

54. Assuming that the condition of a blind corner is the same as it was the last time you rode it. Instead you find sticks, road kill, oil, rain wash, stones, pot holes, garbage etc.

55. Not understanding how to get set-up for a corner when pushing the limits. In most cases the bike could have made the corner but the rider decided it couldn't and while in a panic attempted to correct the situation with the brake. WRONG! MSF course will discuss this at length.

56. Riding without all of the protective equipment because I forgot to bring it and after all it was just this one time. Turned out to be the wrong time! I forgot my MX boots and fell on a steeply banked corner and the foot peg attempted to drill into the back of my right calf. On crutches for 3 weeks with a deep bruise.

57. Using a little too much power turning the first corner after you've put on new tires (with that nice slippery release compound on them).

58. Being to short for the bike you are riding, and coming to a stop sign.

59. Your rider hops on before you are ready.

60. Pushing your bike into the garage and letting it get leaned just a little away from you, pulling you on top of it to the ground.

61. Pulling off both fork caps while the bike is on its centerstand.

62. Park pointing downhill, don't leave it in gear.

63. Park with sidestand facing up hill, sidestand is too long (Yamaha Radian 600).

64. Allow friend to ride bike that has either no riding experience, or only tiny dirtbike riding experience (they will wheelie out of control, fly straight at the nearest object, or drop it attempting to stop suddenly.)

65. Pulling into Dairy Queen and slipping on a spilt chocolate malt.

66. Sitting on your bike on an inclined driveway talking to a very pretty girl, forgetting where in the hell your mind is and then noticing that it's already too close to the ground to stop.

67. Change rear-end oil on a shaft drive bike, spill 90w on tire, don't clean it up and then make a really sharp turn out of the driveway. *Splat*

68. Parking your bike so that it stands upright w/the kick stand down and then having a slow leak in the rear tire which causes the kick stand to push the bike over.

69. Running into a bus after a 120mph+ high speed chase where there is helicopter pursuit and you are being taped by 5 local news stations.

70. Spending 3 hours washing and waxing your bike and then stepping back to admire it with some buddies and then watch it fall right off its side stand while it was warming up.

71. Pushing it over.

72. Covering it with a windsail (aka canvas cover) and letting the wind push it over.

73. Unbolting too many components from the back so that the bike falls off the jack.

74. Having an internally rusted CX500 centre stand come apart whilst putting the bike onto it.

75. Discovering when you stop and try to put your foot down that the kickstart lever is up your pantleg.

76. Letting your wife or hubby drive the bike and having her stall it on an inclined driveway while in a 45 degree angle to the incline.

77. Entering a banked freeway onramp with a stoplight at the end, and realizing a little too late that the downside is just a little steeper than you thought.

78. Whacking the throttle open on the highway when you think there's no cop around then slowing to normal speed again only to realize that a trooper has been trying to catch up with you for two miles and he's pissed so he decides to run you off the road because he thinks you were trying to run away from him, even though you explain to him that if you were trying to run that he wouldn't have caught you then getting out of any tickets because the *@!!$#, uh I mean cop, felt bad even though he never said "I'm sorry".

79. While pushing your bike in an attempt to start it by compression, jumping on side-saddle with excessive vigor.

80. Successfully compression starting your bike while running alongside, only to find out that you'd held a BIT too much throttle!

81. Deploying the centre-stand without noticing that the ground falls away on the other side.

82. Taking someone on a ride on your brand new, first bike in 20+ years and making a slow, tight, turn on gravel.

83. Riding in stilettos and getting stuck on the footrest.

84. Swinging your legs too enthusiastically over the bike with tight trousers on and kicking it over.

85. Dismounting while trying not to wet yourself (cold weather).

86. Riding short distances side-saddle fashion.

87. Pulling off with a blood alcohol level exceeding the stated limit.

88. reaching down to pick up your gloves/keys/glasses.

89. paying too much attention to the tiltometer on your valkarie.

90. Dropping your dirtbike on the side of a steep hill covered in pine humus, then while getting it righted go over the down side because it's too far of an angle to get a foot down.

91. Trying to ride away on the side of a steep hill covered in pine humus which is slipperier than sand.

92. kill the bike while leaned over trying to make a slow, sharp turn in a parking lot.

93. Forgetting to remove the disc lock and taking off from the curb with haste.... Tends to break front caliper too.

94. Falling asleep.

95. Getting help from a neighbor in pushing your 750 up a steep ramp into a moving truck. Though he might assure you that he used to ride a motorcycle, it turns out it was a 125 in Bombay. He gets 2/3 of the way up the ramp, looks panicked, and his knees buckle. Crunch.

96. looking at the pretty curb to your left on a right- hand bank.

97. Trying to get a wasp out of your jacket while sitting on the bike.

98. Trying to start out in a quick turn (leaning in anticipation of giving it throttle) and stalling it out because the engine hasn't warmed yet - it's a nice, slow drop.

99. Forgetting to put in oil after an oil change. Starting 'er up, and wondering why the low oil pressure dummy light doesn't turn off.

100. After a brake job, forgetting to pump the lever/pedal a few times, and taking off, wondering why there's no brakes as you're coming up on the intersection.

101. Having a mechanical gate close on you as you're trying to ride through.

102. Hitting that patch of sand which has washed across the road on a blind bend.

103. Absentmindedly putting the bike on the kick stand and walking away before you check to see if the driveway is level..."crunch".

104. Applying your usual amount of throttle but with a passenger behind you..."cool...look at that plane".

105. Pushing your bike into the crowded garage, letting it get leaned just a little away from you, pulling you on top of it into your vintage MG.

106. Popping a wheelie while showing off for a girl, almost looping it, slamming on the rear brake to compensate, and passing out from the bollocking several yards later.

107. Assuming the puddle of liquid behind the convenience store was water when it was actually used motor oil.

108. Starting bike while habitually squeezing clutch lever, standing to the left of the bike, remembering too late that the bike is in gear. Realize too late that the choke gives the bike enough power to drag you 30' across the parking lot in first gear.

109. On your third ride with your first ever bike. Stop at a red light. When the light turns green, you have to start uphill, and turn right at the same time. Somehow that overwhelmed me. I was probably "thinking" too much and just dropped it. Did a lot of uphill practicing after that!!

110. Parking on a bit of an incline (slopes down right to left), having your left foot slip a little when getting back on the bike, and slowly losing your balance.

111. Let your buddy ride it. And if you are really stupid let him ride it again.

112. Turning onto a busy street and in the middle of the turn you suddenly remember that this street has trolley tracks.

113. Put armor all on your tires to make them look nice and pretty and then ride on the white safety lane line as you take a HARD right turn at 35 mph.

114. Throw a party and get together with a random girl on your bike in the garage while extremely drunk.

115. Pull into parking and failed to ensure proper extension of the sidestand...concluding then with near perfect execution of the Laugh-in scene where the bike topples over onto your leg, and your going down, pinned beneath.

116. Stop for gas, carefully shut off ignition and take key out (to unlock tank), carefully remove helmet and set it over mirror, carefully remove gloves and place on instruments, open jacket, step off bike...forgetting to put sidestand down.

117. With bike off, try to make walking U-turn in driveway. Bike doesn't have necessary turning radius, front wheel leaves pavement and goes into soft dirt.

118. Tweaking the front brake at a light as you JUST come to a stop with the forks turned to either side at ALL on a top-heavy bike.

119. Jump an old dirt bike over your parents' fence (use a ramp to get enough height). Realize on the way down that you *don't* know how to land. (I believe this was caused by "Adolescent Invincibility Syndrome".)

120. Test-ride an Electra Glide Sport (OK, these days it would have to be a Road King) around the old, cracked pavement in Brisbane near the Cow Palace.

121. Have a BMW with the sidestand linked to the clutch lever, so that pulling in the clutch retracts the stand.

122. Put the bike back together after waiting months since the last crash for a part to arrive, and don't install fuel filters. Gas tank rust clogs carburetor float needles, overflow tubes lube rear tire, brake to avoid manhole cover in curve, the waited-for part is broken.

123. Park next to some twat on a Triumph who leaves his disclock on, and return to find your XV1100 with a few dents and a little note saying 'Sorry' in the brake lever. (I left my phone number too...)

124. While riding home the day after getting your shiny new bike turn onto a dirt road and discover that they are in the process of combing the road and your front tire is now sliding through four inches of loose wet sand, while it is aining. While picking up your bike be sure to grind plenty of sand into the tank.

125. Round a corner as a very atractive young lady in a mini skirt leans into her car trunk. I almost crashed a friend did in a separate incident.

126. A loose dog tries to grab your leg while riding on the loose sand in the parking lane.

127. Clutch Cable breaking as you are trying to make a slow u-turn around a boulevard.

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