Self-Assessment Test: Who are you, anyway?

What kind of motorcyclist are you? Take this easy test and find out!

1) When you ride by a cop, do you expect:

a) A return of your friendly wave
b) A day in traffic school
c) A high-speed chase

2) What type of motorcycle training have you had?

a) MSF and ERC
b) Superbike school
c) Bike dealer showed me how to shift

3) Proper riding attire is:

a) Aerostich suit
b) Torn red, white, and blue racing leathers
c) Oakley blades

4) Which do you spend the most money on?

a) Gas
b) Tires
c) Plastic

5) How did you pay for your bike:

a) Cash
b) Credit
c) Mom

6) Who is your favorite famous motorcyclist?

a) Malcom Forbes
b) Eddie Lawson
c) Mike Tyson

7) Do you pass other vehicles:

a) Only when legal
b) Only when safe
c) By forcing them off the road

8) What was the first modification to your bike?

a) Premium tires
b) A loud exhaust
c) A neon paint job

9) When you give someone their first ride on a motorcycle, they:

a) Compliment you on what an enjoyable time they had
b) Clutch your stomach with a death grip
c) Invariably fall off

10. After a close call, do you:

a) Evaluate what you can do to avoid this in the future
b) Promise yourself you'll settle down
c) Brag to your friends

11. A helmet should be:

a) DOT or SNELL approved
b) Replaced after a crash
c) Bungied to the back of the bike

12. Riding in groups can be advantageous because:

a) It makes you more visible to other motorists
b) There is always help when someone crashes
c) There is always someone to race

13. Which is the worse accident you've had:

a) Tipped bike over on steep driveway
b) Low-speed fall in gravel-filled turn
c) Rear-ended police cruiser

14. Which calendar do you own:

a) Honda Street Rage
b) GP Racers
c) Bikes, Babes, and Bikinis

15. A pre-ride inspection consists primarily of:

a) Checking the operation of the controls and the condition of the brakes
b) Checking the tires and footpegs to see how far over you're getting
c) Checking your hair in the mirror

16. When sitting at a stoplight you should:

a) Keep your hands on the controls and scan your mirrors
b) Try to anticipate the green light
c) Rev the engine to attract attention

17. Is your speed governed by:

a) The posted speed limit
b) The laws of physics
c) Who's around to show off to.

18. What motorcycling skill do you most value?

a) Counter steering
b) Hanging off
c) Burnouts

Analysis of answers:

If you answered (a) to most questions, you are the consummate gentleman biker. Regardless of the marque you ride, you are consistently kind to children, animals, and other living creatures. You contribute generously to charity, and attend the annual Policeman's Ball without fail. You ride to work in a three-piece suit, protected by your Aerostich riding gear.

If you answered (b) to most questions, you are an avid rider who truly feels the need for speed. You are keenly concerned with trying to identify new riding techniques that will put you at the front of the pack, and enjoy practicing late braking, late apexing, and late nights with equal enthusiasm.

If you answered (c) to most questions, you are more than likely the quintessential squid. Uninsurable, and loved only by yourself and Mom, not even a sledgehammer could knock sense into your thick skull.

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