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LadyMitchee' Paint Shop Pro Creations

Background to Kids Backgrounds Page


Buttons for you. Please note these will only look good on this background.

I created this border using the cars pictures tubes in PSP. Create the border as follows, but instead of adding colors, open picture tubes and use them.

Remember you need a table code to use borders. Go back to the previous page and cut and paste the one you see there.

To create a border you open a selection 100 x 100. Cut and paste your favorite picture in the selection or fill with colors of your choice and design using the flood fill, air brush and tool controls panel. Then apply a cutout or buttonize the image. Add a right border, make sure the box symmetric is unchecked. Add only 10 degrees if you want a drop shadow. Do what you will to the border. I like a drop shadow effect here and I might use the color features to change the colors. Save the picture as a gif. That way you can use the original as a template for making buttons. Then select a color from the picture and add another border. I use 1000 on the right only.

To make the buttons use picture tubes on a square selection. Flood fill the background with your main background color from the border. Place a picture tube on top of that. Choose select none under the selections box. Set the color transparency to match the background.