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Awesome effect on this. Looks three dimensional. Open a new selection, 100 by 100 pixels. You may use any colors you like, I used gray scale. I flood filled the selection. Choose the selection using the magic wand tool, choose modify, contract, ten pixel. Choose modify, contract again, five pixels. With the last contraction selected, buttonize and adjust the colors. Select the first contraction you made with the magic wand tool and buttonize that one. Then choose invert. Play around with this to get that effect of 3-dimensional. I added a drop shadow here, then buttonized. I then selected all and lightened the colors and contrast. The trick with this one was to use the contract selection. Use it as much as you like but work with each contracted selection. Do something different to each one, buttonize, cutout, hot wax, etc. You will be amazed at the effect this will have.