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Kids love web pages and the internet also. Pretty soon every child will be on computers. If you are like me, most of the children you know are very creative. I have made these for them. A place to start, something to spice up their pages. I am sure a few of you grownups would love to use them too, so go ahead.

You will find seamless, as well as borders here.

For more details of how each one was done, click on the background to view the larger image.

To use these on your pages you will need the body background code. Use this code exactly as you see here, filling in the blank with the name of your file.


After the body background code, if you use a border you will need this code.

To view these in their full glory click on them to enlarge them. If you like it and want it, then take it, but you must right click and save to your server. Please save the small image. Please do not link to this server. It is very easy to save these to your server using FTP or another file upload program. So please use good internet etiquette. Thanks.

Car Background

Lizards Background

Dog and Cat Background

Kitten Background