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Please feel free to email me with any questions, I would be more than happy to assist you.

No resource web site is complete without at least few links to do the cool stuff. With each link I provide you will see a short description of how to get started using it. Be sure before you download any new program that all unnecessary programs are shut off and read the sites rules, regulations and download information thoroughly. Some programs simply will not work with certain browsers or computers.

The download part is easy, but what do you do with it when you get it? Sometimes, if you are like me, it takes some time to figure out how to use new programs without any kind of start guide. Well hopefully, the descriptions I provide here will make it a whole lot easier to use these programs and of course, the page you download it from will have a description also.

Click on the picture within each description to go to the site that has the goods.

I will only provide links to free stuff on these pages. Please keep in mind that most programs on the net are downloadable for thirty day free trials and then you must pay. So by stating they are free, I may mean on a temporary basis. I will not list any program here that costs over $200.00. My feelings on that are there is no reason to pay a whole lot of money to do this stuff. All the grahpics you see among my pages were created with programs that were totally free or very reasonably priced. But of course, I used them all free to start. Anything with a $ next to it has a free 30-day trial.

Graphics Created with Paint Shop Pro
Paint Shop Pro

$$Under $100.
Need a quick lesson on PSP animation shop?
I have typed one out for you.
LadyMitchee's Animation Quickee

This is it, my favorite graphics program. Click on the box above to go to the site for your free 30 day trial. There are literally hundreds of tutorials on PSP. While you are at the site, check them out. I have some tutorials on these pages, enough to get you started and of course you are free to email me with any questions you may have.
LadyMitchee's Picture WS_FTP Guide and download sites

To Use any graphics on the net, the easiest program I have found is FTP. The instructions for using FTP are quite lengthy so I have put them on a separate page, along with a picture or two to help you along. Go to my FTP guide page to learn how to use this wonderful program and download it for free!


Lake Boutique

This effect is called a Lake Applet effect. You will see it on some of the ICQ message pages. Download at the link above. Once there you will see a file that says "Lake.class". That is the download file. Click on it, choose save to disk and save in FTP.

Now on the same page, you will see an html code. You will need this code to make it work on your pages. Just highlight it by dragging your mouse over it, right click the mouse once, choose copy. Go to wherever you save your special codes, right click the mouse and choose paste.

I save all my codes in a sample html page that I keep on geocities. This page is strictly for my codes and special graphics. It is not available to the public, just a place to store those codes that I may use over and over. That way it is easy to cut and paste them anytime I want.

Now open FTP, highlight Lake.class and send it to geocities. Check above for FTP instructions and link.

Paste the html code to your editing page where you want the applet. Replace the name of the gif file (sunset.gif) with the gif picture you want to use.

Now here is where it gets tricky. You will need to adjust the width and height codes to work with your picture. Just play around with it. Keep in mind that certain graphics simply will not work, transparent gif's for example being one.

This is a fun and exciting way to spice up your pages.

If you need more assistance, then email me at the email button above and I will help you. Send a link to the page you are having a problem on and I will email you back with a fix.



The page hit counter you see on my home page is one that I made using PSP and uploaded to toolbox. Easiest way to do this one is create your counter in PSP. Remember to keep it small. I went ahead and created 10 different digit pictures. Each numbered slot is a different digit. I then went to toolbox to sign up for a counter. You must do this first, in order to use your own graphics.

After you create an account, go to the options manager. You will see this link on top of the toolbox page. Follow the directions listed there and you will have your very own original counter. The directions are very explicit, so I have not listed them here. But of course, if you get stuck, let me know and we will fix it.

Thanks a lot toolbox for letting us graphical nuts have our own counter digits.

Plug-In Home Page
Harry's Plug-In Home Page


Plug-Ins for PSP are the stuff dreams are made of. There are plenty of free plug-ins out there. The place to start is Harry's Plug-In page. First download the Plug-In Commander for free. This program enables you to use the plug-ins in all the different formats. Save it in a folder you create. Just follow his instructions on how to download the plug-ins. I have just started using these and pages of my creations with simple instructions will be up very soon.