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I love the cloth effect on this one. Open a new selection, 100 by 100 pixels. I worked with a dark blue and light blue to start. Start with the paintbrush tool. In control panel, use the horizontal brush and put the texture setting on fine canvas. Using the air brush tool, fill with the foreground color, then fill with the lighter color. Hot wax it twice. Then pick warm colors, like yellow for the foreground. Fill again using the air brush. Hot wax again. Then change the paintbrush to slash and go back to the blue colors. Using the paint brush tool, make yellow slashes diagonally across the canvas. Hot wax again. Now make your foreground color white and using the erase tool, erase over the entire canvas. Make your foreground color light blue and using the paintbrush slash the entire canvas. Hot wax one more time and save as a gif file.